Insert Molding/Over–Molding

Meridian Products has manufactured precision molded parts requiring over-molded components for over 30 years.  Examples of these types of products are over-molded bearings, medical brace components and mechanical threaded inserts.  With our vast experience in over-molding, we can assist you in determining the best method and materials to use to achieve the design you are looking for.

Two Shot Molding

Meridian Products has experience in utilizing a two-shot over-molding process.  This process incorporates two different materials into the one part.  This allows the customer versatility in their design.  This process is used in applications for adding a soft touch feel to knobs, product differentiation utilizing different color schemes, as well as mechanical applications requiring different performance characteristics for the part.


Meridian Products supplies molded connectors to the fiber optic, medical, electronic, telecom and electrical industries.  With our vast experience in molding engineering resins in critical components, we can ensure the consistent quality of your connectors.

Many of the components we mold have very tight tolerances. To meet the critical inspection requirements of these types of parts, we have in-house vision measuring equipment that allows us to inspect parts out to 5th decimal.

With our in-house tool room we can maintain the tooling to continually meet critical tolerances over the life of the program.

Medical Components

Meridian Products manufactures many different types of medical components.  These range from small micro components up to large mechanical housings.  By employing advanced machine process controls, a plant wide process monitoring system and lean manufacturing principals, we are able to meet the demanding needs of the medical market.

With our in-house tooling and design assistance, we can help ensure the successful development and delivery of your medical components.

Engineering Resin Tight Tolerance Production

Meridian Products has experience with molding many types of tight tolerance engineered parts.  With over 100 years of combined experience in injection molding we have the capability and knowledge to help you get your product to market.  Meridian utilizes flexible work cells, close tolerance injection molding machines and a plant wide process monitoring system to ensure consistent quality production.

Meridian Products currently multiple grades of engineering resins.  These materials range from Acetal, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 12, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS Alloys, PPS, Ultem, PBT, PET, LCP and PEEK.  Most of the resins are processed with some type of unique filler.  Typical fillers that we use are Short Glass Fiber, Long Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber and Teflon.